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Become more active and avoid the health hazards of sitting too much.

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According to medical researchers from around the world, too much sitting is a hazard to your health. It can increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease, make it harder to control your weight, and can even shorten your life span. Daily exercise is helpful but is not enough by itself. Simply put, most of us need to become more active by sitting less and moving and standing more.

Move More motivates you to become more active by:

  • Making it easy to track five levels of daily activity with a simple tap of a button.
  • Reminding you when you have been sitting too long
  • Making you fully aware of how much time you are spending being inactive.
  • Tracking your progress from day to day and week to week through the charting features of the app.


Move More: Easy Recording

Easy Recording

It's simple to track how much time you spend at five activity levels ranging from "Exercising" to "Sleeping"
  • Simply tap one of the five activity buttons to change activity levels.
  • Precise and permanent recording of the amount of time spent in each activity.
  • Easy error correction through use of the Undo and the Reset Time functions.
  • Flexibility in recording as much or as little as you want.

Reminders Screen

Helpful Reminders

Research has shown that people will take more frequent breaks from sitting when they are alerted with a reminder. In Move More, you can set up reminder timers for any of the five activity levels and also can choose to be prompted as to whether or not you want to use the timer in each instance.

In the example shown, a "Sitting" reminder timer is set up to display an alert after an elapsed time of 45 minutes and the prompt feature is turned off.

Chart Options Screen

Choose From Four Chart Types

Move More has several chart options for displaying a summary of the total hours AND a summary of the percent of time spent at each activity level. Chart types vary from viewing one day up to comparing two different ranges of days.

Compare Two Days Chart Screen

Track Your Progress

Researchers have found that people are unaware of and usually underestimate how much time they spend sitting. The charts in Move More show you exactly how much time you spend at each activity level in either hours or in percent of total time. Comparing two time periods also allows you to see if you are improving over time. You can even export any of the chart as email attachments.

An example of a chart comparing hours and percent time spent in each activity for two days is shown here.

Information and Help Screen

Easy Access to Help

Just tap the Help button on the Home Screen to access clearly written and detailed help screens for all Move More functions. And then when you're on each of the Move More screens, tap the help button to go directly to help for that section. Also available are several Information sections giving you clear and helpful advice on how to use the app to best advantage to improve your health through sitting less and moving more.

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